Make Money from YouTube

How many of you have heard the word "YouTube" - I am sure everyone…

when you are in tension - YouTube can relaxation you.

If you are uneducated - YouTube can educate you.

If everybody hates you - you can find love on YouTube.

If you want to know some secret information about any government or organization - YouTube can help you.

If you haven't enough money to survive daily life - YouTube can help you to survive by giving money.

What this means is that YouTube is God - No…

What this means is that YouTube is heaven - No…

So what is YouTube? How it solves our daily life problems?

wait..wait..wait... Don't worry, The fruit of the wait is sweet.

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform, where everyone from everywhere can share videos with the world free of cost.

This amazing platform was developed by three gentlemen in 2005, who are "Jawed Karim", "Steve Chen", and "Chad Hurley".

Right now, it's also the second-largest search engine in the digital world.

It has 2 billion monthly active users - that means we have a huge opportunity.

Before going ahead I would like to ask you one question, is money the root of all problems?

The answer is a BIG "NO".

This means that YouTube can't delete permanently our daily life problems, but it can reduce it by providing a source of income.

Nothing is free in this world - economist says to us if you choose something, you lose something.

If you need money from YouTube, you need to give your time and effort.

YouTube is an ecosystem, there are three types of users - let's see in the picture.

YouTube ecosystem

I think now you have a clear idea "How YouTube work?".

Now, you are using YouTube as a user - there are everything is free for you.

Listen..listen... whatever you listen, whatever you enjoy and whatever you see all the things are created by the creator.

Don't think the creator is completely different people - he/she is people like you and me.

If you want to earn from YouTube you need to become the creator.

I know you have the confusion, "who gives the money to the creator".

Listen..listen.. creators make videos and share on YouTube.

Users like you and me can watch and enjoy these videos.

After that, the advertiser comes and pays the money to YouTebe to advertise.

Then, YouTube can share this revenue with creators in a 60-40 ratio.

This is not a fixed, but revenue depends upon your geographic location, video categories, and many other factors.

I give you the simple steps, what to do first and what to do next:

  1. Step 1 - Create your YouTube channel
  2. Step 2 - Make videos consistently
  3. Step 3 - Monetize your channel

This is a basic overview of the YouTube earning process.

But if you really want to become a creator on YouTube, you need to join YouTube Creator Academy.

There you can take a deep knowledge and understanding of each and every element.

You know it is completely free for everyone and hosted by YouTube.


I hope you understood "How YouTube works?" and "How we can earn from YouTube?".

If your inner creator is waked up, Join on YouTube Creator Academy and learn more about how to share your creativity with the world.

Make your life more interesting and inspire the world.

Happy learning journey!🎓